Infant Jesus English Medium School


  • Admission is open to all irrespective of religion, caste and creed. Admission to all classes except K.G. will be dedicated after tests. The Principal has the discretion to decide on admissions.

  • Children who are 4 years and 6 years of age are eligible for admission to L.K.G. and Std. I respectively.

  • ¬†While seeking admission, the following documents are to be produced.

    1. 1. Transfer Certificate
    2. 2. Birth Certificate
    3. 3. Community Certificate ( for SC/ST/ Backward only)
    4. 4. A passport size photograph

  • Admission is done on written application in the prescribed form duly filled in and signed by the father or mother.
  • Registration of name is no guarantee for admission

  • Withdrawal of students during the school year is not generally permitted. However where the withdrawal is inevitable, fees for the entire term will have to be paid. Amount remitted under any heading shall not be refunded.

  • The principal reserves the right to remove a pupil from the rolls on grounds of indiscipline, incompetency etc. any part of the academic year.


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