• The academic year consists of two terms , June to September and October to march
  • The School has classes from L.K G to Std XII
  • It is Co- educational and the medium of instruction in English.
  • Course of study consists of :


  • English, Hindi and Malayalam
  • Mathematics
  • General Science
  • Social Science
  • Art Education
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Community Service
  • Value Education.
  • S.U.P.W
  • Computer Science



Group – I                                 Group –II

  • English (core)                      English (Core)
  • Mathematics                        Mathematics
  • Physics                                Physics
  • Chemistry                            Chemistry
  • Biology                                Computer Science



  • Dance / Yoga
  • Painting  & Artwork
  • Literary Activities
  • Sports & Games
  • Martial Arts

General Instruction

  • Students should attend the classes regularly and no leave of any kind will be sanctioned unless on genuine reason. Leave should be applied sufficiently early. Absence from writing the examination in one or more subjects will result in the loss of grades or marks for these subjects and disqualifies the students from being awarded a prize.
  • Absence from the entire examination involves in a loss of grade or marks.
    If a student is absent during test / examination, no re-test / re – examination will be conducted. However, the absence is on medical grounds, a medical certificate issued by an authorized medical practitioner must be submitted along with leave application.
    Results once declared will not be reconsidered under any circumstance.
  • Books and other materials as per the timetable should be brought to the class. All books are to be properly covered with brown paper and kept neat and tidy. Any damage to the books should be immediately repaired by gumming/binding.
  •  Every child should reach the school sufficiently early and get seated in his/her class room and attend to studies.
  • English is generally the lingua franca in the school premises and pupils are expected to speak only English.
  • Every pupil must have a copy of the school diary, which is to be brought to the school daily. If it is lost he/she will have to buy a new one immediately from the office paying its cost.
  • A small towel should be brought along with snacks and lunch. Proper eating habits are to be followed.
  • Student’s letters, Parcels etc. are subject to scrutiny by the Principal.
  • Children should reach the school by 9.10. Late comers will not be permitted to attend classes.
  • Children should be well behaved and good mannered.
  • Absentees should bring leave letter from the parents.
  • No students shall be eligible for promotion unless he/she has an attendance of at least 75% of the total working days in an academic year.
  • Parents are not permitted to visit class rooms while the classes are going on.
  • Gold ornaments, Books, periodicals, Electronic Gadgets like mobile phones, i- pods, CD, CD player, Camera etc. are not permitted.
  • Use of any electronic gadgets not permitted in the campus on any occasion by the students strictly prohibited and any violation will be strictly dealt with a fine of Rs.1000/-
  • Promotion of students to the higher standard is based on the total performance in various tests and examinations taken as a whole. It is therefore very essential that students appear in all the examinations participate in extra- curricular / co – curricular activities.
  • Neatness in dress is absolutely essential. All uniform should be washed and pressed properly.
  • If and when a child is selected to participate in a competition or any school programme, she /he must report for practice or rehearsal and should not abstain from the event without intimation.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed in the school building and play ground.


  • Be respectful and obedient to teachers and other staff.
  • Student prefects are given due respect.
  • Come out of class rooms during authorized breaks.
  • Take care of school property.
  • Keep class rooms neat.
  • Maintain silence in the corridors.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the toilets.
  • Avoid shouting and excessive noise.
  • Treat school as their second home.
  • Be fair honest and sincere in dealings.
  • Always speak softly in a decent and dignified manner.
  • Are always friendly with others in and out of the school, ready to lend a helping hand to their parents, brothers, sisters, teachers and companions.
  •  Never quarrel, cheat or be unfair at play. And are courteous to all with sportsman like spirit while dealing with officials.
  • Know that cruelty and causing pain to others is trait of bully while kindness is the mark of a gentle boy and girl.
  • Learn and observe good manners of table, library and elsewhere.
  • Always truthful whatever be the cost.
  • Instead of lamenting and grumbling over the evils of this world try to contribute their share in making the world a better place to live in.


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